One Fret Away...

"Remember ... you're only one fret away from a good note at any time"

- Ted Greene

"Ted was one of the few players who could play harmonics like Chet Atkins and Lenny Breau"

- Tommy Emmanuel

Courtesy of - The Official Ted Greene Website

Ted Greene was renowned world wide as the author of “Chord Chemistry,” one of the most in-depth studies of chord harmony & theory ever published for guitar. Ted was also a brilliant, innovative and diverse guitarist capable of playing dazzling solos from jazz to neo-Baroque improvisation. Yet his chosen and most beloved path was as a teacher. He was highly sought out for his insightful and instinctive gifts in this area. As a testimony to his teaching abilities, for many years there remained a long list of guitarists waiting for an opening in his schedule.

Ted was born in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sept. 26, 1946 but grew up primarily in White Plains, N.Y. where he spent most of his early musically formative years. During this time he was exposed to everything from Gershwin and show tunes at home, to rhythm & blues in the city. In 1957 at age 11 his father bought him his first guitar. Shortly afterwards he began lessons, used various guitar books and learned to read music.

In 1963 Ted moved back to Calif. and subsequently took a teaching position at Ernie Ball’s Guitar Shop, which after 11 years would ultimately become a private teaching practice from his home. The range of students he maintained spanned from beginners to professionals. Ted’s dedication and love of music compelled him to assiduously study and analyze all aspects of music. This not only enabled him to impart a vast and diverse knowledge to his students but also became the seeds for his first book “Chord Chemistry” published in 1971.

The following year Ted availed himself of the opportunity to study with the legendary George Van Eps for two months. The insights gained here enabled Ted to refine his technique as well as fueled a new passion, Film Music: listening to, analyzing and transcribing.


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