"Ted was truly a one of a kind and a genius at his craft"

- Lee Ritenour

"Ted was like a Ghandhi in spirit looking for the perfect Tele and tone"

- Phil de Gruy

Come autumn of 1976 he was hired for his first extended solo guitar gig, Sunday nights at the Smoke House in Toluca Lake. Within this period he wrote and published his 2nd book “Modern Chord Progressions Vol. 1”. However the most momentous event to occur around this time was the recording of his amazing album “Solo Guitar”, released in 1977. Shortly thereafter followed two new books, “Single Note Soloing Vols. 1 & 2”.

Despite numerous offers to make more recordings and take well paying jobs, Ted’s teaching remained the mainstay of his life and his personal preference as far as “work”. Nonetheless, Ted did enjoy playing occasionally at the NAMM Shows and giving seminars at a variety of venues, such as colleges and music stores. On rare occasion, Ted would also play for weddings and private parties. However his preference for live performance was backing female singers at intimate nightclubs and restaurants. His most recent solo guitar performances began in April 2004 at Spazio’s in Sherman Oaks.

Some twenty-odd years back (Sept. 1984) Ted had moved to the Encino El Dorado, finally settling in #8, the “famous” apartment where he continued doing what he loved most: teaching and spending countless hours fulfilling his never ending quest for knowledge, musical or otherwise. This pursuit was always with the ideal of utilizing all he gained to imbue his students as well as the lives of others with a spiritual beauty, sensitivity and understanding whether it be on a musical, personal or “universal” level.

Ted Greene transcended his earthly body on July 23, 2005.


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