Folkwax Magazine - February 13, 2008

Ted Greene Remembered
Various Artists
El Dorado Records

FolkWax Rating: 8
Reader Rating: 9

Heartfelt Tribute To An Inspiring Teacher

Tommy Emmanuel, Laurence Juber, Lee Ritenour, Tom Bocci, George Winston, and Stephen Bruton: that's just half the talent who've contributed to this all-instrumental remembrance of teacher, author, and guitarist Ted Greene. The music ranges from "The Star Spangled Banner" to "My Romance" to Bob Dylan's "Farewell" to Bruton's original "Spirit Lake." You don't have to know anything about Greene or his work to enjoy all this, though you will learn of him, both by listening to this music and reading the comments in the liner notes.

"Ted Greene was renowned worldwide as the author of Chord Chemistry, one of the most in-depth studies of chord harmony and theory ever published for guitar. Ted was also a brilliant, innovative, and diverse guitarist capable of playing dazzling solos from Jazz to neo-Baroque improvisation. Yet his chosen and most beloved path was as a teacher," reads the beginning of his biography at the website set up to continue his work. Part of the proceeds from this recording go to benefit that project.

Kerry Dexter is a senior contributing editor at FolkWax.


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