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Ted Greene Remembered
Various Artists
El Dorado Records

Guitarist Ted Greene touched a lot of people, including some of the greatest guitarists who ever played. Album producer Tom Bocci gathered many of them to pay tribute to his friend, who passed away in 2005. Known for an absolute mastery of the guitar, as well as his teaching skills and ground-breaking instructional book “Chord Chemistry,” Greene left a strong legacy. On Remembered, contemporaries like John Pisano, Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, Laurence Juber, Stephen Bruton and others all revisit Ted Greene’s spirit to give their contributions added light. There is such a sense of calm beauty on all these songs, it’s like Greene’s soul inhabits the music and gives it a third dimension. Along with all the recordings are special memories from each player that paint a person that really did make a difference. Luckily, Ted Greene’s music will last forever.

-Bill Bentley


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